TVBuddy Antenna Review 2019

The social media website and accounts are all abuzz with the advertisements of TVBuddy antenna. They are claiming that this particular antenna would change the way people think about cable or satellite services. It has been considered to be one of the best methods to receive free channels without paying any additional cost.

So the good news for all the cord cutters is that, TVBuddy is surely for true. There is nothing illegal or false about it. TVBuddy antennas allows you to watch all of the local channels available in your area. The best part is, you can watch those channels without the need for paying a monthly rental or any hidden charges.

TVBuddy is a multi-directional antenna that offers 1080p HD format picture quality. Get ready to watch crisp and clear picture. It is said to be covering a range of 30miles. But with a built-in amplifier, the range can be further extended to 50miles.

It is a lightweight indoor antenna that only weighs around 175 grams. This antenna is quite discreet and easy to hide. You can either place it on the wall or high up near the window. You also have the choice to hide it behind your television unit. This is an all-black color device that can easily blend with any room décor.

Since this antenna is multi-directional, you need not specifically point it to a particular direction. The installation is quite easy. All you need to do is, find the best spot for your antenna and hook it up. Once the placement is done and all the cables are in place, you are ready to watch high-quality channels within no time.

There is certain amount of adjustment that would be required for receiving optimal channels. Hence do not haste with antenna positioning. Take your time and try out various spots in the room until you get the best place where you can receive maximum number of channels. You would need to scan for channels every time you make adjustments in the antenna position. But surely once everything is in place, you can receive most number of local channels.

You also would be able to receive some of the major broadcasting channels such as, ABC, CW, Fox, PBS and many more. Note that you would not be able to receive premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Epix or Starz. These channels would need to be subscribed for separately and not available OTA.

Even though the antenna companies claim to provide premium channels for free, this would be a scam or a lie. There is only one way of watching premium channels and that is through subscription.

Overall TVBuddy is a good option for a new cord cutter. There is no additional investment in getting this antenna. Quite a reasonable option and you would be saving those $100 on a monthly basis which you otherwise spend on cable services. If you still haven’t thought of ditching your cable bill, then this is the right time to do so and get a OTA TV antenna for enjoying free channels lifetime.