Cable television is getting costlier day by day. This has led to a lot of frustration among TV viewers. Hence, it has led to a shift from Pay TV to Free TV. Getting access to Free TV is also easier these days. All you need to do is get a TV antenna that would suit your needs. The TV antenna has the potential to unlock a wide range of local channels with high definition picture clarity.

TVNowPro is one such antenna that can provide access to free television within a matter of few minutes. There is nothing illegal or you are not breaking the law by getting access to a TV antenna. The TVNowPro antenna is one of the top choices when we talk about indoor TV antennas. All you need is to carry out certain adjustments in its placement so that it can pick up clear signals.

TVNowPro antenna is nothing like those rabbit ear antennas. It is a sleek and slim model that can be easily mounted on the wall or high up on the window. This antenna offers a range of 30miles which is more than enough for reaching your nearest broadcasting tower.

With just 86grams in weight, this antenna looks stylish and slim. Once you mount it on the wall or window, there is no fear of the antenna falling or losing out the signal time and again. It can easily fit in your house décor. People would not even notice, that there is an antenna placed in the room.

The company claims to provide 90 out of the top 100 channels absolutely free of cost. The channels would range from weather, sports, entertainment, cookery, movies and many more. You also need not sign any contract or there are no commitments.

ClearStream Micron XG

Setup is very easy – just place indoors next to your tv or on a shelf, connect the coaxial cable to your tv, and scan for available channels. Using patented technology, the clearstream micron-xg antenna receives tv signals up to 35 miles away from broadcast towers. It can receives 30 channels.


Once you unpack the box and remove the antenna, there is no assembling required. The setup and installation is also quite easy and quick. You need to decide the best spot in the house where the antenna can be placed so that it receives optimum high-quality signal. You would need to try out various spots in the house until you get the best spot. Scanning would also be required to check the number of channels that are available.

The good news is that, once it has been placed appropriately you can watch all of the channels available in your area. You also get to watch some of the major broadcasting channels such as, ABC, CW, Fox, PBS and many more.

This a really great product for cord cutters who have ditched the cable or satellite services. Though there isn’t much information yet about this product online. But surely worth a try when you plan to switch to Free TV. With so many features, TVNowPro is a great pick that can receive strong signals and is also easy to be installed.

Priced at a decent range, TVNowPro opens doors to a new way of watching television. A world that does not have any contracts, low picture quality and no commitments. It is all about a one-time investment.